Truecaller for PC

Truecaller Download for PC is a freeware application that very smartly detects unknown callers to your phone. You can block spam, fraud, and Robocalls. The app manages the data shared by its 250 million users.

How to Download Truecaller for PC

As we know Truecaller is the exclusive app for smartphones. You can use this right from your big screen via using an emulator. Multiple emulators are available for this purpose. Below are two ways for running the app from a PC;

  1. Install Truecaller for PC with the help of BlueStack emulator.
  2. Install Truecaller for PC with the help of Nox emulator.

Install Truecaller via BlueStack

  1. First of all, you have to install the BlueStack on your PC.
  2. On completing the installation process, launch the emulator by double-clicking on the icon.
  3. Log into the emulator with the help of your Google account.
  4. Open the “My Apps” option, and write the name of the required app in the search box.
  5. Utilize the emulator and download the app by clicking the “Download” button next to the app.
  6. After installation, you will be able to use the app for your PC.  

Install Truecaller via Nox

Nox player is one of the most reputed emulator that enables you use any of the Android’s app on the big screen. You need to follow given steps;

  1. Install Nox player on the PC, and log into through using Google account.
  2. Open the app by clicking the icon on the desktop.
  3. Write the name of the required app in the search box.
  4. Click on the “Installation” button, and install the app within few moments.

Simple Work Process

The crowd-sourced app along with 250 million users works on the give and take scenario. You have to allow the app access to your address book as it is important for the database and expansion of Truecaller, and it will upload your data to the company’s server. The algorithm of the app cache all your contacts and it will be used by other users. Your cache will be shown to other users and other user’s cache will be shown to you.


With basic function of indentifying the spam or Robocalls, the app performs different functions such as;

  • You can directly call and chat with your friend and family.
  • Record your business or any other important call for later use.
  • Synchronization with Google Drive enables you to restore your calls, contacts, messages, and setting preferences.
  • Integration with other apps allows you to create new contacts and start chatting with them.
  • Scan the numbers from papers, banners, and pamphlets via the Camera Look Up feature for checking unknown numbers.
  •  Manage your transaction process via the safe and secure payment feature of the app.
  • Apply the “Check Who Is Online” feature and know about your online friends.
  • Use different pictures, names, and other information for easy customization of your profile.
  • Integration with Google Drive enables the app to backup your important data such as call history, settings, and SMS.
  • The organizations have the option to arrange a messaging interface with categories of personal, spam, and others.
  •  The auto-block feature offers advanced blocking mechanisms for blocking scammers, telelmarkers, fraud, robo-calls, sales, and so on.

Integrated with Social Media Platform

You have to use Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo ID for access to the application. When you log in through any one of them, all of your data transfer to the most secure server of Truecaller. All of your contacts will be given a caller ID, and it will be displayed when anyone searches your contact. You can work on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in association with Truecaller and upload your photos, or tweet. 

App Permission

You need to ‘Allow’ permission app for accessing to call book, calendar, and SMS. The app gets access to your device and enables you to navigate the app easily. You can configure the app to set national prefix while typing the phone number underneath it for detecting the caller. Private as well as open calls can also be identified. The app will give you the details of required number from the list of plethora of phone numbers.

Main Features

  • Simple Work Process
  • Multi-tasking
  • Integrated with Social Media Platform


File Information

Author Name :True Software Scandinavia AB (Freeware)
Update Date :December 16, 2022
File Size :106.5 MB
Requirements :Windows
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